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2024 7 piece pin collection

2024 7 piece pin collection

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Just in time before Daydream Dragons starts the major part of the ren faire season!

This listing gets you all 7 new 2024 enamel pins! Normally $10 each at faire. Get all of them today before they are even released at faire and save $10! Each pin is based on hand sculpted dragons I have made from polymer clay. 

I only order 100 of each design a year and once they are gone that is it! The same pins wont be released again. So dont wait to get your set of these limited run of dragon enamel pins. 


Each pin has a butterfly metal clasp on the back and are between 1.25 inches and 1.5 inches. 

The 7 different themes you will receive are:

Anglerfish Dragon

Dragon with a turtle 

Blue Dragon

Dragon with a gnome

Pikeman Dragon

Bumblebee Dragon

Ladybug Dragon

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