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Neon Nights Book Dragon

Neon Nights Book Dragon

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Introducing the Neon Nights Dragon, part of our Royal Deluxe collection of signature polymer clay dragons. Handmade one at a time with the finest quality Sculpey Premo brand clay, this dragon is a rare gem that is sure to steal your heart.

The Neon Nights Dragon features a stunning body that's swirled with three vibrant colors from the Premo color line - fluorescent pink, fluorescent yellow, and twinkle twinkle. The dragon also has accents in a fourth color, glow-in-the-dark, adding an enchanting touch to its already impressive appearance.

This dragon is a book lover's dream come true, sitting on a stack of three books and boasting multiple books throughout its extra-long tail. With its adorable and cute features, this dragon is perfect for collectors and dragon lovers alike.

Order yours today and add a little bit of magic to your collection with our Neon Nights Dragon, handmade with love by our skilled artisan.

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